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Sometimes finding the answer takes a different way of thinking...


The Atticus McLaren Mysteries is the story of an autistic museum technician turned amateur detective. It takes place in York, England, with the first film, Murder at the Museum, set to be released on Amazon in June 2019. Murder at the Museum finds Atticus stumbling onto a deadly mystery at the museum where he works. Together with his brother and best friend, he must solve the case before getting killed himself.


Divergence Productions was founded in 2018 by author and screenwriter, Spring Horton. The idea was to create a filmmaking company that focused on lesser-told stories, fostering new talent, and proving that great storytelling could be done without spending a fortune. 

Divergence has just finished up the first in The Atticus McLaren Mysteries films, about an autistic amateur detective, which will be released on Amazon in June. 

Within the next few months, we will begin fundraising for The Treaty of Eborakon and for the next in The Atticus McLaren Mysteries, which will film next February. Watch this space!

In Development


Also planned for 2019 is the first in a fantasy film series, The Treaty of Eborakon, which also takes place in York. It will follow the adventures of a fire elf named Wit, and his human friends as they try and keep the queen of the banshee from destroying the delicate balance between the magical and non-magical worlds. Principal photography is planned for November 2019. 

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